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Hertz Acoustic is a leading brand in Acoustic product manufacturing & High Fidelity Speakers. Over the years, of research into Acoustics and Sound, Hertz Acoustic has come up with a wide range of high-quality Sound products to enhance the sound experience. Hertz Acoustic High Fidelity speakers & Acoustic Designs have been invented by the Founder himself, a Sound Engineer & Acoustic Designer.
Our journey began with the quest to liberate listeners from their audio experience. We wanted to offer the products and services unparalleled in performance. Our scientifically designed and handcrafted acoustic products and High Fidelity speakers ensure that the audience gets best in class experience.


We offer a wide portfolio of products that help to negate reflection & echoes of sound waves over a broad frequency range. their NRC tends to be nearly ideal (1.00) and is tested and proven even in a renowned lab. Over years, we have installed our products in multiple private and public setups including Sound Recording Studios, Post Production Studios, Film Theaters & auditoriums, Broadcast Channels, Hi-Fi Music Listening rooms, Conference Hall, etc...compliments from our customers act as a testimony to their performance.
Our approach includes understanding the technical problem, knowing the environment, analyzing of route cause, evaluating options, and final recommendation with combination of products. we offer consultancy over the entire value chain from defining requirements to delivery of user experience.
Acoustic Product Range -


Acoustic Panel       

3D Hybrid Diffuser       

Broadband Bass Trap       

Skyline Diffuser    

Tube Bass Trap       

QRD Diffuser                 

Ceiling Cloud                     

Gobo Trap 

High Fidelity Speakers

Hertz Acoustic High Fidelity speakers have been invented by Founder himself who is a Sound Engineer & Acoustic Designer. Hertz Acoustic is a wireless audio speaker with an innovative design & carefully engineered anti-vibration acoustic enclosure.

In this High – Fidelity speaker, we scientifically achieve the World’s first Revolutionary infrasonic-Alpha wave (12Hz) to ultrasonic (25 kHz) frequency response within one full range driver.

These Hi-Fi Speakers provide high strength by reducing inductance & distortion with Solid True Deep Bass, Articulate Midrange, and Balanced Extended Highs with warm Harmonic richer. 

No crossover - We don’t use the crossover component because we believe that crossover will spoil frequency in the driver, & our well-designed Amplifier gives warm and transparent sound with a Sub-bass Management feature.

No Subwoofer Enclosure - We are not believed in a separate Subwoofer enclosure concept because as per physics law low-frequency waves travel further than high-frequency waves, because there is less energy transferred to the medium. Commonly people installed subwoofers on the floor or incorrect placement of a subwoofer can have a big negative impact while listening like facing a standing wave in the room & harder to find the sweet spot.

Hi-Fi Speaker Range -

Unison Wireless Floor HI-FI Speaker

Ossicle Wireless HI-FI Speaker

Lay Wireless Bookshelf HI-FI Speaker

We Are Hertz Acoustic & We Believe In The Power Of Innovation. 

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