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Tube Bass Trap

Tube Bass Trap (Blue).jpg

Hertz Acoustic cylindrical shape trap provides the structural rigidity and internal air cavity necessary to absorb sound in the low frequency range.

Polyester fabric Tube Bass traps are designed and constructed to absorb these longer waves and control unwanted room resonances.

Tube Bass Traps transform room acoustics into an unforgettably articulate and dynamic musical bass line.

Tube Bass traps like these are also a wonderful way to create a very accurate, comfortable, and portable listening environment.


Bass absorption between 55 Hz to 250 Hz

Provides additional Low-End attenuation & delivering a truer sound.

Used for wall corner and ceiling corner applications.

Great Sturdy handcrafted construction with excellent built quality.

Colors – Blue, Beige, Black

TUBE Bass Trap Top (Black) copy_compress


Dimensions : 48" x 11.8" (Diameter)     

Material : Acoustic Polyester

Frequency : 55Hz to 250 Hz

NRC : 1


Sound Recording Studios.


Post Production Studios.


Film Theaters & Auditorium.


Broadcast Channels.   


Hi-Fi Music Listening. 


Conference Hall​.

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