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Sonic Deterrent Device (SDD)

The Sonic Deterrent Device (SDD 3000) is an audio device invented by Hertz Acoustic that can have utility in security and mass control operations.

This device transmits sound waves in one direction at high sound pressure levels and inflicts pain to the target individuals within the impact range. SDD with some customization can be used for Long Distance Communication and warning/alert messaging as well.

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SDD 3000 for mass control purposes develops directional deterrent frequencies that are painful to the human eardrum, cochlea, and central nervous system. It is a Non-Lethal device that can be used even in extreme climatic conditions. that can have applications for Crowd Control, Anti-Terrorism Operations, Law Enforcement, Border Security, Port Protection, Dam Security and more…

Long Distance Communication 

Long Distance Communication Device with customized frequencies can also be used for Long Distance focused Communications, Warning and alert messaging. It can have applications in Critical Rescue Operations, Disaster Management, Wildlife Management & more...

SDD can be easily mounted on Border Posts, Vehicles, Helicopter, Coast Guard Ships, Lighthouses and other moving or static objects depending upon the purpose.



  • Deterrent operational Range upto 300m

  • Sonic peak output of 150db SPL @ 1m

  • Communication range upto 3000m

  • Designed High-Frequency Tone

  • Control Pan 360 degree

  • Directivity +/- 15° to +/- 25°

  • Simple & Quick mount

  • Mobile App. Control

  • Weatherproof


     Military Border Security                 


     Law Enforcement


     Rescue Operations                         

     Crowd Control    


     Dam & Port Security

     Wildlife Management                     

     Jail Security    


     Oil Refinery                                     

     Gas station Security

     Airport Runway                                            

     Disaster Management

LRSW - 3000 final broucher.jpg
SDD 3000_edited.jpg
LRSW - 3000 final broucher.jpg

Intended End-User 



    Air Force

    Para Military


    Coast Guard

    Disaster Management Team

    Security Agencies          

LRSW - 3000 final broucher V.jpg
LRSW - 3000 final broucher V.jpg
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