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A professional consulting dedicated to better Acoustic and noise control by working with clients in a responsive, informed, and efficient manner. Acoustic services provided include Sound Studios & architectural acoustical design, mechanical system noise, and industrial noise control. We have experience with a broad range of projects from sound Recording Studio, conference room, Halls to performing arts center noise projects.

Application -

  • Sound Recording Studios         

  • Film Theaters                                 

  • Hi-Fi Music Listening

  • Hotels & Waiting Rooms         

  • Hospitals & Library                       

  • Shopping Malls

  • Broadcast Channels                 

  • Conference Rooms                        

  • Offices & call centers

  • Industrial Noisy Rooms             

  • Auditorium


RFZ (Reflection Free Zone) Technique to build whole studio construction which is includes soundproofing with better STC, acoustic treatment, electrical & HVAC system. To achieve better STC & ADP needs proper treatment of Wall, Floor, Ceiling, and window, Door Construction.

Reduces Unwanted Sound Reflections, Low-Frequency control & flutter echo for cleaner recordings, and critical mixings for more reliable monitoring., Attractive, effective, and professional Frame designs as compared to other market brands, Higher Noise Reduction Coefficient.

  • Recording Studio                 

  • Broadcasting Studios             

  • Post Production Studios

  • Entertainment Rooms         

  • Auditorium                               

  • Preview Theaters​​


Provide solutions to that address sound propagation, speech intelligibility, and the enhancement of music, and provide options to painful noise within the built environment. New facilities in order to make recommendations on space planning, room shaping, finish selections, construction methods, etc.. & Common issues addressed in architectural Acoustic:

  • Reflections Control

  • Reverberation Control

  • Absorption


Mechanical equipment is a common source of noise and vibration. Typically mechanical Acoustic addresses noise and vibration from building systems, especially HVAC. Consultants can review proposed ducting plans, unit specifications, and unit locations to determine any potential noise concerns. Consultants can also test existing systems for compliance with acceptable noise levels and make recommendations as to how to painful noise and vibration concerns. Common concerns that should be addressed include Equipment Noise Sound Transmission Vibration Isolation Background Noise.

  • Sound Transmission

  • Vibration Isolation

  • Background Noise Level Control

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