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absorber Panel

Hertz Acoustic - Absorber panels are used to reduce unwanted modal & non-modal waves, flutter echo, comb filtering, early reflections and helps to save stereo imaging.

The Absorber Panel outperforms these “reflection-free zone (RFZ)” by combining both porous and resonating absorbers to decelerate particle velocity and reduce sound pressure. It comes fully equipped with our Absorbing technology, air gap feature, Aluminum frame and easy mount system.


Effective Controls primary reflections and flutter echo.

Higher Noise Reduction Coefficient.

Attractive panel design and excellent built quality.

Acoustic Panel 2(Beige) copy.PNG
Acoustic Panel 1(Black).JPG


Dimensions : 48" x 24" x 2"

                         48" x 12" x 2    

Material : Acoustic Polyester

NRC : 1

Colors – Blue, Beige, Black


Thickness      125Hz  250Hz  500Hz  1000Hz  2000Hz  4000Hz  NRC

2" (50 mm)    0.26      0.71     1.03       1.11         1.03       1.09      1.00


Sound Recording Studios.


Post Production Studios.


Film Theaters & Auditorium.


Broadcast Channels.   


Hi-Fi Music Listening. 


Conference Hall​.

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