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Skyline diffuser

This Skyline Diffuser is a very popular and effective tool for improving room acoustics. It consists of 144 elements, each of which has been cut on a predetermined length and the whole is arranged in a strictly defined order. The Skyline diffuser- diffuses acoustic waves before they reflect off walls or ceilings.

Skyline 1 (Pine).JPG


Scientific Design - Pattern utilize modulated prime root number theory to uniformly scatter sound. 

Eliminates Comb Filtering & Flutter Echoes.

Improves your room's acoustics without making it sound small, dry, or boxy.

Balanced Sound field. 

Skyline 2 (Black)_compressed_compressed-


Dimensions : 24" x 24" x 4"   

Material : Pinewood     

Frequency : 800Hz to 10Khz

Colors : Pine, Black


Sound Recording Studios.


Post Production Studios.


Film Theaters & Auditorium.


Broadcast Channels.   


Hi-Fi Music Listening. 


Conference Hall​.

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