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Qrd7 diffuser

The Hertz Acoustic Q7 Diffuser is a 7-root well diffuser design that begins scattering at approx. 500 Hz and offers effective and even diffusion up through 10000Hz. 

It is also built to be hung in mirror-imaged pairs to cover a larger area without repeating the wall pattern to avoid lobbing. It can also be used in more general places to minimize slap echo.

QRD Diffuser.jpg


Scientific Design - Pattern utilize modulated 7 root number theory to uniformly scatter sound.

Eliminates Comb Filtering & Flutter Echoes.

Improves your room's acoustics without making it sound small, dry, or boxy.

Balanced Sound field. 


Dimensions : 48" x 24" x 6" 

Material : MDF/HDF    

Frequency : 500Hz to 10Khz


Sound Recording Studios.


Post Production Studios.


Film Theaters & Auditorium.


Broadcast Channels.   


Hi-Fi Music Listening. 


Conference Hall​.

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