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Broadband Bass Trap

Hertz Acoustic Broadband Diaphragmatic Absorber will help reduce sound decay mes, increase clarity and help you to achieve a flat sound response within a room by reducing interfering audio frequency build up and interfering reflections that occur from room reverberation on.

Broadband Bass traps like these are also a wonderful way to create a very accurate, comfortable, and portable listening environment.


Provides additional Low-End attenuation on & delivering a truer sound.


Bass absorption between 40 Hz to 250 Hz


Used for wall corner and ceiling corner applications.


Great Sturdy construction with excellent built quality.


Dimensions : 48" x 24" x 6" 

Material : Acoustic Polyester

Frequency : 40Hz and 250 Hz

NRC : 1.00

Colors – Blue, Beige, Black


Sound Recording Studios.


Post Production Studios.


Film Theaters & Auditorium.


Broadcast Channels.   


Hi-Fi Music Listening. 


Conference Hall​.

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